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My sister had a hamster with one foot missing so I turned him into a pirate

PirateMalTeeShirt copy


A painting I did for my sister’s birthday (acrylic on canvas board)

RabbitnCakeWith lightflat

This fairy goes with the others shown in an earlier post.
















An illustration showing a hallucination of a waitress taking an order, but she’s turned into a monster. Why…….why not?


This is an illustration I  did for a pitch to a school to show, in a family-friendly way, what their planned play area could look like. I have paired it with a playground picture that I created.


School copy

Degu Treats

Little Fauna designs healthy treats for Degus, Chinchillas and other small animals. Their products are low in fat and naturally occurring sugars and are made with the best, human-grade ingredients that are either organic or 100% natural.

Here is my contribution to the IF topic ‘Confined’.

Always keep your pets in a big enough cage, kids.Confined


This picture is for the IF topic ‘Caution’.

It’s a simple idea, but I feel it definately gives the impression of ‘Do Not Go in There’!

You could also say the creature is cautious to come out from it’s safe haven rather then the viewer being cautious to enter.


This is my interpretation of the IF Topic ‘Hollow’.


This stubbed out cigarette was created for a non-smoking leaflet. Cig Butt


This is my illustration for the I.F. topic of Parade. Seen as there is a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade with my namesake, ‘Krewe of Barkus’ which is a dog parade, I thought it was the obvious choice.

This picture is in memory of a little chihuahua called Louis, who is in the picture. On Monday an out of control Rottweiler stopped this bold little dog from celebrating his 1st birthday next month. So raise a glass to a dog who’s personality was 100 times the size of his body.

I did this picture because…well…I felt the urge!


These are images from a children’s book that I am illustrating for a writer called Moira Thorpe. The book is about the different jobs the fairies have, it is untitled at the moment and I have left the writing out, hence why some of them have large empty spaces in them.

Clown FairyBee FairyTeacher FairyGarden Fairy


This picture was based on the idea of Hierarchy and was done for the IF topic. It shows the progression of status starting from the right with the peasent, then the cook, the servant, the nobleman and the king and queen. The twist in this hierarchy is that the queen controls the king in their marriage. Also the Jester at the front mocks the king and nobleman. In other words, hierarchy isn’t as straight forward as it seems.