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This picture was based on the idea of Hierarchy and was done for the IF topic. It shows the progression of status starting from the right with the peasent, then the cook, the servant, the nobleman and the king and queen. The twist in this hierarchy is that the queen controls the king in their marriage. Also the Jester at the front mocks the king and nobleman. In other words, hierarchy isn’t as straight forward as it seems.



  1. I like your style; and the twist. Very nice!

  2. I am a drama teacher in Holland and I will be teaching my students about status next week. I really like this picture and your comments. As well as showing how a status hierarchy works (I especially like the hierarchy of heights right down to guy on his knees at the end with a bunch of flowers!) you highlight some of the subtleties. The fool has always had an interesting role and in many ways is able to float in and out of the hierarchy. I will be showing this picture to my students. Many thanks.

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